Van CAR naar datajournalistiek

Tijdens het International Journalism Festival (#IJF12) organiseren, European Journalism Centre en de Open Knowledge Foundation 8 bijeenkomsten over datajournalistiek, onder meer ‘News and numbers: from CAR to data journalism’.

Sarah Cohen (Sarah Cohen (Duke University), Steve Doig (Arizona State University) , Aron Pilhofer (New York Times), Simon Rogers (The Guardian Datablog) en Elisabetta Tola (Formicablu) met elkaar en het publiek in gesprek. Opvallend was dat het nooit echt de diepte in ging; maar het was alsnog wel redelijk interessant voor datajournalistieke starters zoals ik. Een Storify-samenvatting:

IJF12 News and numbers: from CAR to data journalism

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News and numbers: from CAR to data journalism – Journalism …Diving into Data: The School of Data Journalism at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia. In the past investigative reporter…
Die Daten-Gurus beim Journalism Festival in Perugia, @pilhofer, @smfrogers, @sdoig et al. #ifj12 #ddj Gossy
Over data
Aron Pilhofer at #ifj12: “Just because you have terrible data it doesn’t mean you don’t have a story” @pilhofer #ddjDDJ
Journalists have a reluctance to challenge numbers like they would a human source. That is changing now though. – @smfrogers #IJF12Garrett Goodman
The nice thing about data is that it is easier to peel it back and see where the errors are [than human sources]. – Steve Doig #IJF12Garrett Goodman
Finding the flows in data is easier that finding errors in what human sources say, says Steve Doig #ijf12 #cjsmClara Martinez Turco
Datajournalistiek op de redactie
Sarah Cohen: "One of the strength of reporting is that we can borrow from other methodologies" #ddj #ifj12DDJ
Simon Rogers: “Data Journalism is moving from being just a quick reaction to facts, it is becoming journalism” #ddj #ifj12 @smfrogersDDJ
Aron Pilhofer: “We have a lot of tools nowadays and there is almost no excuse not to use them” #ddj #ifj12 @pilhoferDDJ
When there’s no data team at a news org? What to do? @smfrogers says start producing stuff, then you get notice and the rest follows #ijf12Clara Martinez Turco
There’s a mantra among data journalists: Don’t talk, do. Make things. – Steve Doig #IJF12Garrett Goodman
I don’t believe everyone in the newsroom is going to do data journalism, it’s a pipe dream. But some will get turned on.– Steve Doig #IJF12Garrett Goodman
Data journalism is a group effort, say panelists at #ifj12. No one knows all the tools.Johanna Vehkoo
"Data Journalism is no one man band" Steve Doig at #ijf12 #ddjLaura Wismans
‘You can’t work alone in data journalism’ (Sarah Cohen, Duke Univ.) #ddj #ddjschool #ijf12
I don’t think there’s anybody anymore that knows how to do everything in data journalism. Until the 90s I could. – Steve Doig #IJF12Garrett Goodman
But now we have access to people who can help us do the things we don’t know how to in data journalism – Steve Doig #IJF12Garrett Goodman
‘If you work in data journalism you need to have a statistician as a friend’ (Elisabetta Tola) #ddj #ddjschool #ijf12
‘There will be a lot of people doing data journalism who don’t consider themselves journalists’ (Aron Pilhofer, NYT), #ddjschool #ijf12 #ddjDDJ
Most of my team come from a computer science background with no journalism background, but are in every way journalists – @pilhofer #IJF12Garrett Goodman
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Nieuwsgierig naar de hele sessie? Kijk ‘m terug! (90 min.)
News and numbers: from CAR to data journalism (VIDEO) @lucyfedia @sarahduke @sdoig @smfrogers #ddj #ijf12