New: data journalism toolbox for beginners

Where to start if you’re new to data journalism? Sure, you should probably start with a story, but then what? Nowadays there are so many tools available, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Fortunately is there to help you.

Starting in data journalism can be hard enough by itself, therefore is a database with a small selection of beginner friendly data journalism tools. This way the initiators – Hogeschool Utrecht – a Dutch journalism college, and data journalist Winny de Jong – tried to lower the treshold for you to find the tools that suit you. For the same reason each tool in the database includes links to tutorials where applicable.


The website recognizes four applications where you can choose from: find/collect data, clean data, analyse data, or visualise data. You just pick wether you’d like to scrape or share data (find/collect); make messy dataset ready for analysis by editing mistakes and typos (clean data); analyse data to find your story (analyse); or create maps, charts or network visualisations (visualise data).


Experience levels

After you’ve picked which application you need, you can set your level of experience. All tools are categorised by application and experience level. This way, you’ll know for sure that you can immediately use the suggested tools. It’s good to know that was build for total data journalism beginners. Hence, ‘a lot of experience’ means a lot of experience for beginners in data journalism.



Once you’ve set the application and experience level, the site generates a unique link for these settings. This makes it easier to share a specific selection of tools from

Add a tool

In case you feel the team left out a great, beginner friendly data journalism tool, you can always suggest to add it. Just fill out the form to let us know. Please be aware of the fact that the site is supposed to be feasable for beginners, and therefore the team adds tools sparingly.