And the nominees are… Nai supporting Open Media Afghanistan

Internews/Nai data project Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan is nominated for a Data Journalism Award. An interview with Nai journalist Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar: “Afghanistan is known for the war against terror; I hope that through this nomination people outside of Afghanistan see a different aspect of our country. “

How would you pitch Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan?
Our map shows that not only Taliban and Warlord but also the government of Afghanistan and the International Forces in Afghanistan are invloved in violation against media and journalists.

Did you work by yourself or in a team?
I worked by myself, but discussed it with a team.

How did you get a hold on the data you needed?
We are working as a team on collecting the data through various sources and channels that we have a cross the country. The rough data is mainly coming through journalists. The team here at Nai is working on investegating on it. The data then is released on a montly or annual base.

Which tools were used making this production?
The main tools used are MS office Excel and Google docs.

How did it take to make Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan?
Collecting the data took almost 7 years, but to make the online production only took a few weeks.

Were there any bumps in the road?
No bumps in the road.

Do you have a useful tip for starting data journalists?
I think it’s most important to finish and complete your data set before uploading it.

‘And the nominees are…’ is a serie of interviews with the journalists behind the entries at <a href=””>the Data Journalism Awards Shortlist</a>. The Data Journalism Awards (DJA) competition is the first international contest recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide. The Data Journalism Awards were organised by the <a href=””>Global Editors Network</a>, in collaboration with <a href=””>the European Journalism Centre</a> and supported by <a href=””>Google</a>. (All interviews in this serie were conducted through e-mail.)