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Whenever I pull out my iPod Shuffle while commuting, at least some passengers will laugh at me. But don’t know what awesome podcasts I listen to while they stare out the window. A list with personal data-related favorites.

(If you’re new to podcasts, read this first.)

More or Less: Behind the Stats

More or Less: behind the stats

Economist and journalist Tim Harford researches the story behind numbers and statistics. Are the stats correct? No, what went wrong? All while following the news with topics like the refugee crisis and West-European youth fighting for IS.

Check More or Less on iTunes.

Data Stories

DataStories Podcast

In this podcast Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner talk about data visualization and everything related. Most of the times they will have a professional data-nerd joining the conversation. Really good content, so bare with the sometimes not so good audio.

Check Data Stories on iTunes.

What’s The Point

What's the point? - FiveThirtyEight

How does data affects your life? With ‘Big data, small talk’ as its motto, data-driven news site FiveThirtyEight publishes a new conversation every week. Presentation is done by Jody Avirgan. Be sure to look at the other FiveThirtyEight podcasts as well.

Check What’s The Point on iTunes.

The PolicyViz Podcast

The PolicyViz Podcast

So far Jonathan Schwabish made over twenty episode where he discussed everything datavis related with his guests Alberto Cairo, Scott Klein, Edward Tufte among others. Bare with the not so awesome audioquality every now and then – the content is good.

Check The Policy Viz Podcast on iTunes.

Data Skeptic

The DataSkeptic Podcast

In short episodes presenter Kyle Polich explains statistics. The best part about it is that’s totally beginner-friendly. The longer episodes are interviews with experts. All while looking trough a lens of scientific skeptisism.

Check Data Skeptic on iTunes.


Freakonomics Radio - WNYC

Freakonomics looks at the hidden sight of everything. Journalist Stephen Dubner and economist Steven Levitt will make you think like a ‘freak’: more creatively, productively and more rationally – like a freak. All data-based, no topic is off-limits.

Check Freakonomics on iTunes.

Planet Money

Planet Money - NPR

This NPR podcast tries to explain the economy twice a week. . The team behind this podcast tries to tell you what’s going on with the economy, while you actually have a fun time. And if you ask me, their twice-weekly episodes are kinda fun.

Check Planet Money on iTunes.

Personal favorites

Then some not data favorites: Reply All features internet-related stories, the The Mystery Show where personal mysteries are solved; and Invisibilia about the invisible forces, like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions, that control human behavior. Have fun listening!

PS. Do you have your own recommendation for data journalists? Please share it in the comments. Thanks!

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