There to help: file a transparency complaint at the European ombudsman office

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Every now and than your FOIA requests asking for information gets denied. What do you do next? According to Fergal O’Regan, head of complaints and inquiries unit at the European ombudsman office, filing a complaint at the European ombudsman office is a good start.

Want to help

The ombudsman is there to hold the EU administration to account. Its the mission of the European Ombudsman to seek a fair outcome to complaints against European Union institutions, to encourage transparency, and promote an administrative culture of service. In short: the ombudsman is there to help you when a EU body refuses you access to information.

Cheap and easy

Filing a complaint at the ombudsman office is pretty easer: you can file your complain by e-mail, no lawyer needed, and in any of the 23 European languages.

Possibly a fast solution

The timeline can be – no, that’s no guaruantee – very different. Unlike the courts, the ombudsman can move very quickly: its office isn’t bound by rigid procedures. If the malpractice the complaint concern is obvious, the ombudsman has the possibility to fast-track the procedure.

Ready to start complaining? Here you’ll find everything you need to get started.