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To make sure I never miss out on new trends, developments, tools and other cool data stuff, I follow over 350 data journalism websites. Upon Victor request I’ve made this page to share this collection of data journalism related sites. [Last update: sept. 26 2015]

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In order to use the OPML file download, you’ll need a Feedly account. If you have one, but never heard of an OPML file before, click the link first.

Idea workflow

Good data journalism needs data, solid research, creative storytelling and good journalists. To train my idea-muscles I made myself a workflow for getting ideas. In short this workflow is based on a lot of reading to learn and develop technical skills, be inspired by the work of others, and to be able to cross over to use methods of other disciplines. Reading applications Feedly and Pocket are at the core of this workflow.

Reading as default

Feedly and Pocket are true lifesavers when reading is your default. I’ll try to always bring a Pocket or Feedly enabled device, since you never know when you can read. Personally I read everywhere: while waiting, at home, during my commute… Oh, and I killed my smartphone and my TV.

Sharing is caring

Please share this page with all news nerds and data afficianodo’s you know. Much appreciated! If you find an interesting data blog is missing, please let me know in the comments – thanks!



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  1. remkohdev says on 11/03/2015

    Interesting. Have you thought about using ediscovery platforms to create better search capacity, like IDOL OnDemand ( RSS aggregators are essentially very dumb crawlers, while ediscovery platforms let you index those same sites as RSS does, but they add highly powerful filter, search and analytics, like a simple search for Find Similar using machine learning technologies that are context and concept aware.

    • winnydejong says on 11/03/2015

      Actually, I’ve never heard of IDOL OnDemand before, so thanks for the heads up! I only took a quick glance, but I don’t think it’s for me. Thhat RSS aggregators do not provide filtering or analytics doesn’t bother me. As a curator I want to do the filtering, and I don’t care about the analytics. Search within Feedly is good enough for my needs, so that one is covered. :)

      But thanks for referring me to IDOL, it looks nice and useful for other use cases than this one – at least for me that is. Best!

      • Candie says on 28/04/2017

        I do;n3#9&t like that CNN gets to choose the videos. They should be decided per rating or voting on Youtube. And although some questions were very good, the answers remained mostly the same standard ones…

  2. winnydejong says on 27/02/2015

    Thanks for sharing Victor, nice website! Needless to say, I’ve added the link to Feedly… :)

    • winnydejong says on 27/02/2015

      Thanks for sharing Victor, I really like his work too. :) Needless to say I added the link to Feedly…

    • Moon says on 28/04/2017

      Remarquez, madimaxi, que la mention de &lep;ou&nbsq;watarboarding » ne vous mène pas du tout à avoir une sainte pensée pour mère Teresa.

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