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When it comes to embracing change and innovation, there are 4 kinds of people

This article discusses the kinds of people you meet in newsrooms going digital, but it’s equally true for newsrooms embracing data. You’ll always find some Natives, Naturals, Collaborators, and Fearfuls. Whatever happens, you don’t want to be among the Fearful – fear is a bad advisor. Focus on the good side of innovation, and embrace it in your own pace.

The importance of Data Journalism Without Borders

Three experts in data-driven news talk about the importance of cross border collaborations ahead of GEN’s Data Journalism Unconference: “”International collaborations, particularly in investigative reporting, represent a way to handle large data dumps at a time when resources are scarce.”

How ProPublica produces investigative journalism that’s both high quality and sustainable

How do you transform data into a story? “The data is the starting point. You then have to do the shoe-leather reporting to find the human story in the statistics”, says Paul Steiger, founder and executive chairman of ProPublica. An interview about Propublica’s success and its roots.