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How ProPublica produces investigative journalism that’s both high quality and sustainable

Journalism 10/02/2016

How do you transform data into a story? “The data is the starting point. You then have to do the shoe-leather reporting to find the human story in the statistics”, says Paul Steiger, founder and executive chairman of┬áProPublica. An interview about Propublica’s success and its roots.

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Hacks/Hackers: Data Journalism 101

Journalism 25/06/2015

At the Hacks/Hackers meetup of last monday, I presented data journalism 101 with my OneWorld colleague Adriana. In case you missed it, make sure you never miss a meetup again: get yourself a meetup account, and join Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam. Below my slides and a short recap of the evening. For everyone there: thanks a lot! […]