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How not to be wrong

Sketchnote of Gebeloffs talk by Phil Ninh

At the intersection of data and journalism, lots can go wrong. It’s possible that while your story is true, it’s also wrong. New York Times data journalist Robert Gebeloff shares his tactics to avoid that: how not to publish a true but wrong story ever again.

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’, and other additions to the five W’s.

Referring back to the Five “W”s helps journalists address the fundamental questions that every story should be able to answer. Recent events, however, have shown that traditional journalistic practices might not be working as effectively as they used to. As such, here are a few additions to the Five “W”s that will surely come in handy for today’s journalists.

The new quantitative journalism

Personally I consider this a must read for all in the field of data journalism. Andrew Gelman wonders why there were no skeptical, investigative, quantitative journalists decades ago? A growing lists of professionals answers his question: because of the lack of tools; emerging technologies; or better education that leads to more data literacy. The true gold is to be found in the comments – about the new quantitative journalism.

When it comes to embracing change and innovation, there are 4 kinds of people

This article discusses the kinds of people you meet in newsrooms going digital, but it’s equally true for newsrooms embracing data. You’ll always find some Natives, Naturals, Collaborators, and Fearfuls. Whatever happens, you don’t want to be among the Fearful – fear is a bad advisor. Focus on the good side of innovation, and embrace it in your own pace.