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VIDEO: Why you don’t believe in facts, and how to fix it #data #ddj

Journalism 04/02/2018

Lisa Charlotte Rost explains the psychological, social and technological reasons why none of us will ever fully believe all the facts. And how the kind of facts and the context in which we encounter them makes us believe or ignore them.
How can we all believe more true things? And how can we communicate data so that it convinces somebody? She looks at lots of examples from data communication, especially from data visualisation and data journalism.

Sketchnote of Gebeloffs talk by Phil Ninh

How not to be wrong

Journalism, Process 21/05/2017

At the intersection of data and journalism, lots can go wrong. It’s possible that while your story is true, it’s also wrong. New York Times data journalist Robert Gebeloff shares his tactics to avoid that: how not to publish a true but wrong story ever again.