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How to use the Feynman technique to refine your bullshit radar

“If someone cannot explain something in plain English, then we should question whether they really do themselves understand what they profess. If the person in question is communicating ostensibly to a non-specialist audience using specialist terms out of context, the first question on our lips should be: “Why?”” In the words the influential theoretical physicist Richard Feynman: “It is possible to follow form and call it science, but that is pseudoscience.”

9 tips for recognising bulshitting politicians

Economist, writer and presenter of Radio 4’s More or Less, Tim Harford, has identified the habit of some politicians as not so much lying – to lie means having some knowledge of the truth – as “bullshitting”: a carefree disregard of whether the number is appropriate or not. The Guardian is happy to present a guide for spotting dodgy statistics.