About Winny

Hi! My name is Winny. I’m a journalist gone data, which means she mostly interview datasets instead of people. This results in data-driven, investigative reporting that sometimes includes data visualisations.

Here’s a longer, more official-sounding version, suitable for copying and pasting:

About Winny

Winny de Jong (1988) is a data journalist and data journalism trainer. Previously she was employed as a data journalist at the Dutch magazine OneWorld. Next to her work, she likes to share her love for data and journalism, focusing on data literacy and data-driven investigative reporting. Winny has spoken and trained for organizations like TEDx, European Journalism Center, the DataHarvest+ conference, and several journalism colleges. She grew up in Rotterdam, but now lives in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Visit her online at datajournalistiek.nl.

To stay in touch, follow me on Twitter, mail to [winny @ datajournalistiek.nl] or subscribe to my  irregular newsletter.

About Datajournalistiek.nl

Datajournalistiek.nl was launched in 2011. Originally it was meant to be a public notebook for me, Winny. I figured that documenting my learning curve into data journalism would be fun. I’m happy to see that others find use in these notes too. Recently I’ve added the Data Journalism Newsletter to celebrate data journalism and share the best of the web with fellow nerds.