Year: 2016

“We should start thinking how data can truly be used to its fullest advantage”

Visualisation 17/03/2016

According to Jake Porway, founder and executive director of Datakind, the best data visualisations inspire exploration. Infographicmakers should use their work to mobilize others; using data as a way to ask deep questions about our world and its future. “I think we can also all go out and start thinking about how data can truly be used to its fullest advantage.”

How ProPublica produces investigative journalism that’s both high quality and sustainable

Journalism 10/02/2016

How do you transform data into a story? “The data is the starting point. You then have to do the shoe-leather reporting to find the human story in the statistics”, says Paul Steiger, founder and executive chairman of ProPublica. An interview about Propublica’s success and its roots.