Year: 2016

Over-Politeness Is the Fatal Flaw in the Open Data Movement

(Open) Data 29/04/2016

As long as significant numbers of transparency advocates are engaged constructively on the business of getting open data releases out, the pace of significant transparency reforms will be slowed. Overly-friendly collaboration between governments and transparency advocates sucks the oxygen out of the room. And we need that oxygen to fuel the fires that can burn down the doors to the state, and to parasitic organizations like anonymous shell companies that are dependent upon inaction by the state.

How Information Graphics Reveal Your Brain’s Blind Spots

Journalism, Visualisation 23/04/2016

Chances are, you probably think your mind works pretty well. But you’d be wrong. Our brains fool us all the time. And we typically have no idea that it’s happening. How graphics, including charts, interactives and other visual tools, can help show us our mind’s shortcomings.