Year: 2015

Hacks/Hackers AMS

Hacks/Hackers: Data Journalism 101

Journalism 25/06/2015

At the Hacks/Hackers meetup of last monday, I presented data journalism 101 with my OneWorld colleague Adriana. In case you missed it, make sure you never miss a meetup again: get yourself a meetup account, and join Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam. Below my slides and a short recap of the evening. For everyone there: thanks a lot! […]

Public spending is fun - Adriana Homolova - DataHarvest ECIJ

Why data journalists should look into public spending

(Open) Data 10/05/2015

During the European conference on investigative journalism, data journalist Adriana Homolova argues that there are scoops waiting to be discovered. You only need to look for them. Where? In public spending data. “It’s Europe’s big uncovered follow-the-money story…” Nobody knows According to Homolova, there are no overviews of how public money has been spent. “Not […]