Year: 2012

And the nominees are… California Watch

decoding prime - california watch

The California Watch is nominated got onto the Data Journalism Awards Shortlist with their serie Decoding PRIME. An interview with CW journalist Christina Jewett: ‘For Decoding Prime we looked at how one California hospital relied on aggressive Medicare billing to turn around the finances of struggling hospitals.’

And the nominees are… News21

our future selves - News21

With Our Future Selves News21 is nominated for an Data Journalism Award. An interview with News21 journalist Michael Keller: ‘We developed a frame — Our Future Selves — and wrote a four part interactive that uses data to walk people through the next forty years of their lives — across population changes, health concerns and finances.’

And the nominees are… The Globe and Mail

The globe and mail - who cracks six figures

Who cracks six figures – or more – among Ontario’s civil servants? got The Globe and Mail on the Data Journalism Award Shortlist. An interview with Stuart Thompson:’Data journalism naturally dovetailed with my other interests in multimedia journalism and programming, but I’ve really committed myself to it over the last year.’